Your English Teacher

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 With my services I cover pretty much everything a normal language school covers, too. You can chose from single classes, group teaching, tutoring, company courses as well as business courses. Whether you are starting in my beginner’s or my advanced courses, we decide together in a short interview. There, we can also decide what course is best suited for your needs as I can offer you a lot of specialised courses. Amongst others, you can choose from Standard English and English Grammar, Holiday/ Vacation English, School English, Preparation for the Exam in GCSE, A-Levels or High School, Foreign Language Correspondent for English (IHK), Foreign Language Secretary for English (IHK), IT-English/ English for IT, English for Engineering, English for Mechanical Engineering, English for Civil Engineering, English for Architecture/ Architects, English for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Legal English/ English for Law Students, English for the Airport, Aviation English, English for Groundhandling Staff, English for Flight Attendants or Flight Personnel and many more.

Another field of my services is Cultural Awareness Training for business travellers and tourists. My personal focus lies especially on the English-speaking countries like the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the Spanish-speaking world, here especially focussing on Spain, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia but for travellers into the opposite direction, of course, also on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For other countries, like for example Mexico or China, I closely work together with experienced partners and natives, whose expertise you will definitely profit from.

Concerning the location of the courses I can be very flexible. My standard field of operation is Dresden and its conglomeration but after agreeing on appropriate travel expenses, I will also come to your premises in or around Pirna, Heidenau, Meißen, Radebeul, Freital, Coswig or farther away in or around Kamenz, Bautzen, Riesa, Grimma, Senftenberg, Freiberg, Döbeln, Chemnitz, Zwickau, Leipzig.

If you are seeking a translation from German into English or from English into German in in whatever field, you can contact me as well as if you need Job Application Training or proofreading of your Diploma, Bachelor or Master thesis papers.

I look forward to your enquiries!

Michael Müller