About me

IMG 004Born 1976 in Dresden, Germany, I successfully graduated from University with a Master of Arts in American Cultural History, Modern History and the History of Saxony (the federal state I live in), in mid-2004. During my studies, I concentrated on the English language as well as the history and the culture of the English-speaking world.

As part of my studies I spent a six-month period in Sligo, Republic of Ireland, where I focused on Irish culture, Irish history and Irish-English. 

After graduating, I started to work as a freelance translator, teacher and proof-reader. My work involves translating all kinds of texts, working as an interpreter and teaching English, the history and the culture of the English-speaking world at state and private educational institutions. 

My personal interests also lie in Ireland, its culture, tradition and history. My love for the country started growing during my first holiday there in 1992. Additionally, the many close friendships I forged during my stays in Ireland have left me with a strong bond to the 'Emerald Isle'.